Mashi Amani Spiritual Teacher Toronto

Mashi Amani
Creator of Spiritual Wellness Programs,
Life Coach & Spiritual Teacher

THE question ‘Who Am I’ began pulsing in Mashi’s mind at an early age. Her childhood, while blessed in many ways, was also riddled with emotional challenges that created a yearning for balance, inner peace and happiness. This desire inspired her to journey towards self discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

In 2003 Mashi trained intensively in Yoga philosophy and Hatha Yoga with Swami Nitya Kandath from India, and soon after began a daily meditation practice that developed her ability to control her mind chatter and increase self-awareness.

“Once meditation taught me how to switch my thinking off and on, it was a natural progression to then become aware of what I was thinking. Eventually I noticed that there was a correlation between the thoughts I focused on and what I was experiencing in life. It was a game changing moment!” – Mashi Amani

The thought that reality isn’t completely random or coincidental as she had been led to believe, encouraged Mashi to re-examine the world around her from a new more open perspective. Ultimately, being open allowed her to see more, feel more, and be more. Mashi was discovering for herself the existence of The Law of Attraction that says what you put out is what you get back, and the profound implications this Law has on everybody’s life. As she became increasingly conscious of her thoughts, she also became aware that her specific feelings were in response to specific thoughts. In time, she understood that her feelings served a greater purpose, to guide her towards her bliss.

Intentional thinking and emotional awareness is the key to well-being and happiness. With this new found perspective on life, Mashi was inspired to create a series of spiritual health and wellness programs that would help people become aware of the Law of Attraction and how one’s emotions can serve as a guide.

While Mashi will always consider herself a student of life, she has much to offer to those who want more from life, be it more fulfillment,  happiness, love, balance or better health. Her drive to find the answers to life’s big questions has made her an active listener. Her love for people has made her a patient teacher, and her talks don’t command but inspire.

  • Mashi Amani lives in Toronto, Canada. She has intensive training in Yoga philosophy, 16 years of meditation practice, and has delivered over 500 lectures on spiritual health, higher consciousness learning, life balance and meditation.

  • For 10 years she was the Director and Programs Manager of one of the most successful Yoga studios in Toronto, The Yoga Studio in The Yorkville Club, before launching the Achasa Centre for Spiritual Growth.

  • Under the umbrella of spirituality Mashi has spoken on a variety of topics including how to live consciously, what is spiritual enlightenment, evolving extrasensory perception, alleviating stress and using mental focus to self heal.

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