One-on-one Life Coaching with Mashi Amani, Achasa Workshop Leader

At certain junctures in life, it’s only natural that we question ourselves or the direction our lives are taking. Though difficult and trying, such times provide tremendous opportunities for personal growth and development.

Based on the Awaken Spiritually – Level 1 program, one-on-one life coaching can effectively move you through a difficult time to a better feeling place, faster. Coaching sessions are personalized and will explore the source of your unease. Describe the subject of your discontent and I will reflect back to you your emotional and mental position on the matter, so you can discern for yourself if you are stuck in a pattern of thinking that may be self-defeating.

Together we will analyze the issue and find a new healthier perspective that empowers you to move forward and cope more effectively. How we respond to life is a choice we make. Learn to respond in a manner that brings you more peace and evolve into the kind of person you aim to be.

The number of coaching sessions needed depends on the person and the issue(s) being addressed. For some, a new viable course of action is realized in just one session. For others, a series of sessions is required to cement positive change.

  • Life Coaching Fees, Cancellation Policy & Session

    1 One-on-one Session $85 CAD per hour, taxes included.
    Package of 3 or more one-on-one sessions $75 CAD per hour, taxes included. Payment for package sessions accepted in advance in full.

    Cancellation Policy:
    Clients must provide at least 24 hours cancellation notice prior to appointment to avoid paying full cost of session.

    Session Locations:
    Via Skype or in person in Toronto, Canada 2 locations:

    • Yonge and Bloor area. Call our office for address.
    • St. Clair and Davisville area. Call our office for address.

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