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  • If you scored 0/12 to 5/12 click here

    0/12 to 5/12 – This score range hints that you are a realist, not so much an optimist. Your confidence level could likely stand a boost and there may be some deeper unresolved issues within you, impacting your happiness. To achieve more, you yourself must first become more. The Awaken Spiritually Level 1 program can guide you to discover a new way of seeing life that promotes your well-being and bliss.

  • If you scored 6/12 to 8/12 click here

    6/12 to 8/12 – Landing in this score range suggests you are someone who takes life seriously. You are responsible, hard-working, and pragmatic. Life isn’t always easy for you and now may be your time to tackle some underlying issues that limits your well-being. The Awaken Spiritually Level 1 program will show you what changes you can make to create a better stronger you, to experience a much happier life!

  • If you scored 9/12 to 11/12 click here

    9/12 to 11-/12 – Good Score! It shows you are more self-aware than most people. You are mainly confident and positive, but there are some things in your life that have stayed out of reach. The Awaken Spiritually program can give you some valuable tools to create a more fulfilling life experience from a place of greater empowerment.

  • If you scored 12/12 click here

    12/12 – Kudos!! You are centered and confident, attracting abundance into your life with your positive attitude. You rarely get sick and if you do, you recover quickly. Life is sweet for you as you stay on track with what matters most. Your positive energy would be most welcome at our Tune-In groups or if you’re ever feeling low they can help bring you back up again.

Thank you for taking the Achasa Test. Hopefully it has provided you with some insight and clarity on how the Achasa program may be of benefit to you. If you have any program questions or comments about this test, please direct them to us through our Contact page.

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