Discover which of our spiritual health & wellness programs best supports you!

Achasa programs inspire personal growth by increasing people’s level of self-awareness.

An underlying principle of all our programs is to recognize that we are not just thinking but also feeling beings, and as such it’s important to pay attention to HOW WE FEEL moment to moment, so we can find the best feeling path to follow, towards being our best selves and living our best lives.

Our spiritual wellness programs teach the value of getting to the root of anything that’s causing you to feel badly, to become aware of your present mindset, so that you can then consciously shift your thinking to make yourself feel better. By following such a practice you’ll learn to master your thinking to always support your feeling good, allowing for greater happiness, self-confidence, inner-peace and well-being.

Achasa offers spiritual learning via weekly classes, weekend workshops, retreats, and one-on-one life coaching, either online via Zoom, Skype or at various Toronto locations. Choose a class or program that suits you best and register online today.


The benefits of our spiritual health & wellness programs & classes include:

  • Increased self-awareness & improved well-being
  • Faster recovery from illness or injuries
  • Ability to meditate & control useless mind chatter
  • Lower sensitivity to chronic pain
  • Growing extrasensory perception & psychic abilities
  • Living life in a more meaningful way
  • Feeling happier, more energized & self-empowered
  • Rising confidence levels
  • Becoming who you want to be & living the life of your dreams!